Psychiatrist home | Medical and general care for the elderly

Who seeks our professional medical care?

These are patients with dementia, depressions, aggressiveness, impaired mood, memory impairment, sleep disorder, hallucinations, delirium, inappropriate behavior, fears, anxiety, delirium tremens, stroke behavior disorders, alcoholism, obesity and other problematic conditions.

 Our psychiatrists and psychogeriatrists are experts on treating psychoses (especially dementia psychoses) in elderly people: insomnia, aggression and in particular hallucinations when senior seeks something, tries to escape, rushes somewhere, calls somebody or cries.

Our psychiatrist is called in home when youngster or patient of middle age experiences any strange feelings or talks with “voices” and hallucinates.

What services are rendered by our commercial department?

The calling in home psychiatrist, psychogeriatrist, psychotherapist, neurologist and neuropsychologist to consult, to diagnose, to implement required examinations and to prescribe treatment.

The in-house performance of psychotherapeutic sessions (rational and supportive psychotherapy, analytical and cognitive-behavioral techniques).

The sessions of classic, captivation and Erikson hypnosis.

The psychiatrist in Moscow

The commercial department provides:

Home visit of psychiatrist, psychotherapist, neurologist and narcologist in day-and-night schedule

Rendering of quality and inexpensive services

Up-to-date techniques of treatment of psychiatric and narcological diseases

Adjustment of therapy on basis of not only expensive modern pharmaceuticals but also inexpensive ones available to people with moderate income

Application of pharmaceuticals having minimal drug side effects and causing no harm to patient’s health

In particular cases, our physicians apply herbal treatment, homeopathy and physiotherapy

Appointment is completely anonymous. Registration of house call requires no patient’s records. All medical documentation is kept by patient.

The following monitoring of patient’s health and prevention of possible exacerbation of mental disorders is ensured.

The personal phone number is offered to patient by all our physicians who are available for counseling at any time of day and night

How quality of our medical care is confirmed?

All our physicians are certified professionals graduated from Moscow medical universities and completed several years specialized training on psychiatry in leading research institutions of Moscow. Later on, all our physicians worked only in psychiatric and psychosomatic departments of hospitals that permitted them to acquire necessary clinical experiences. There is no “retrained” specialists among our physicians. All our physicians are citizens of the Russian Federation, native residents of Moscow or Moscow oblast. This means that your relative will be treated by physician having all necessary professional knowledge and skills.

Home visits are supported only by best psychiatrists, psychotherapists, neurologists and narcologists.

How to check it in?

All our physicians have with them personal professional folder with copies of medical university diploma, graduation certificate of internship or residency, specialty certification to be provided at any request.

Where our physicians come out for home visits?

In case of psychiatrist, psychotherapist and narcologist it is Moscow (all administrative okrugs, including Butovo, Solntsevo and Scherbinka) and Moscow area (Mitishi, Odintsovo, Khimki, Korolev, Solnechnogorsk, Podolsk, Jukovskii, Jeleznodorojnii, Dolgoprudnii, etc.).


In case of neurologist it is Moscow (Northwest administrative okrug).

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